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Bought Berkiline Furniture (sectional) loved it at first. Within the first year the arm rest fell in then seats on the sectional fell in.

Called the company would not do anything to satisfy their warranty. I called compnay several times they said I had to take up any issues with the company I bought it from. The furnoture was very comfortable but just cheap and I paid good over 1,000 dollars for it.

I would not reccomend anyone buy this furnoture it is a waste of money, very poorly made furniture. If you buy you will be very dissappointed Do not Buy!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Boy this furniture company used to be terrific in a few months it was on the floor we called the company nothing was done we stopped paying them for junk. I won't pay something that won't hold up.

This is four pieces you should see it a couch love seat chair and lounge.

Not one piece held up give me a break whoever is making this better learn how to do it. I agree I should have looked at it more carefully when I bought it the wood I was told it junk even when I had it looked at.Wow a great manufacturer gone bad


We spent $2,000 on a Berkline sectional with three built in recliners and custom fabric which is a total piece of junk. Unbelievably, there is a thin arched strip of single layer plywood (3 inches wide max) that supports the wedge seat section.

One day I simply knelt on the wedge section towards the back to drape an extension chord behind the sofa and this arched piece of wood snapped in half. The back of the recliner portion of the sectional does not line up properly with the rest of the sofa and is offset. The back sections that are removable from the base are held on by sliding them down onto metal pins, and they keep working their way back up and feel loose. The poly fill on the headrest and and backrest portions flatten in no time forcing you to put extra pillows behind your back.

There is no extra lining with the fabric that covers the back of the sofa to give it body and stiffness. Therefore the fabric alone without a lining feels thin and hangs poorly. So much so, that you cannot have the back of the sofa exposed and need to keep the whole thing up against a wall. After complaining to the store manager where it was purchased, he said for one thing the wedge section of the sofa isn't really meant to be sat on, but to just kind of prop your feet or set something light on it.

What a crock!!! I can't believe he had the nerve to say something so *** and ridiculous. The selection of fabric I chose from the Berkline swatches cannot be spot wiped even with just water because it shows exactly where you wiped it. The fabric has a nap that is easily disturbed.

I tried to steam clean the sofa (with the proper upholstery detergent) while it was still under the store warranty period and it became very streaky all over.

The service man from the store had to come here and use a steam wand on it to force the nap of the fabric back all in one direction. I seriously feel as if I was robbed by buying this sofa, which is worth more like $500 from a liquidation center then $2,000 from an upscale furniture store.

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